Truck Wash Interior Exterior Valet
or Full Grooming Auckland

Truck wash team is experienced in all cleaning needs of private and company vehicles.

CleanAzz Mobile Truck wash team is experienced in all cleaning needs of private and company vehicles.

The most important part of our business is Our Customers who want their fleet of trucks looking their best, with a high standard of service and quality work, to keep and promote a positive brand image and your vehicles in excellent shape.

CleanAzz understands your business needs and targets those businesses that are more cost conscious, so prices will be less for these customers to support volume jobs.

Our Core Features :
  • Convenient
  • Saving time, money and water.
  • No environmental concerns.
  • No extra staff or equipment costs to do with washing fleet.
  • No waiting in line for a truck wash.
  • We are a go anywhere Pressure Cleaning Specialist.

At CleanAzz, we provide reliable and professional cleaning services across all metropolitan Melbourne suburbs. With your trucks being representatives of your business, we ensure that they present only the cleanest image.

Unlike tedious and time-consuming drive through truck cleaning complexes, we provide outstanding, convenient mobile washing that allows us to work to suit your needs. With the time spent travelling and waiting for truck cleaning services in regular facilities delaying your own business, we at CleanAzz have dedicated ourselves to provide timely and reliable cleaning services that can be brought directly to you.

Our mobile truck washing is able to service clients 24/7 with equipment of unrivaled quality. Our top quality equipment will provide you results unparalleled by any other truck wash to leave your tyres shining and windows sparkling.

All of our equipment and services are tested and proven to guarantee that no damage is caused to any trucks or facilities during the cleaning process. We have ensured that every pump and cleaning product will allow for a meticulous clean whilst not causing any streaking or colour fading.

  • Exterior Washing
  • Fleet Washing
  • Buff and polish paint work
  • Alloy Polishing
  • Interior detailing
  • Heavy machinery and earth moving equipment