Inside & Out
Looking Good All Over

Interior Wiped & Dusted - Vacuumed - Cleaned

We’ll start with a classic Outside Service of your car, and then work our way through a thorough an interior and boot clean. If you’re using your car often, carrying lots of passengers or just love a dustless dash and spotless carpet this service is for you.


We’ll start with the Outside Service which removes the dirt and grime from your paint, glass, plastic trims, wheels, chrome and exhaust tip. We’ll also chamois dry your paint, gloss your tyres and apply protective wax. For more details on our Outside Service see here.


We’ll vacuum your seats, including all the creases in your fabric or leather, carpets, mats and boot – and of course we won’t miss under your seats. We’re careful to get into the nooks and crannies of your door pockets and ashtrays.

TIP: Don’t forget to empty your boot to ensure we can get to the carpet, and if you have baby seats we’ll work around them unless you ask for them to be removed.


Next we’ll focus on cleaning the inside of your windscreen and other interior windows. We’ll also give special attention to the rear view mirror and any vanity mirrors. If you’ve got a glass sunroof that will be cleaned too.


Finally, a damp cloth is used to dust your dashboard, centre console, steering wheel, gear shifts, hand brake, door trims, leather or vinyl seats, and your cup holders. A special vent brush is used to dust vents and instruments.

TIP: If your dash needs some special attention you might be due for a Superior Service. If your leather or fabric have stubborn marks or need some love, check out our Leather and Steaming express detailing services.

*Prices can vary between locations so check in-store when ordering