Full Detailing
Maintain, Sell or Restore

Paint Cleansing, Steam Cleaning, Leather Treatment,
Polish Services

  • Superior Service
  • Paint Cleansing Treatment
  • Carpets & Mats Steam Cleaned
  • Leather Clean & Condition or Seats Steam Cleaned
  • Under Bonnet Clean
  • Cut & Polish

Whether you’ve just purchased a used car, are selling your car, or just want to bring the life back into your car, our Full Detail will bring your vehicle to its best possible condition. After washing we work our way around the car, sparing nothing to rejuvenate all areas.


The Superior Service is our starting point. We’ll remove the dirt and grime from your paint, glass, plastic trims, wheels, chrome and exhaust tip. Next we’ll vacuum your seats, carpet and boot then clean your interior windows and mirrors and dust off your interior surfaces. We apply our gentle cleaning fluid to your dash, consoles and door surfaces. We hold off on the hand wax and polish until after the Paint Cleansing treatment is completed to ensure a finish that’s truly smooth and shiny. For more details on our Superior Service see here.


Paint cleansing is like a facial for your car’s paintwork. After we’ve washed your car the paint surface is then lubricated and treated with a special clay compound that removes embedded dirt and particles. The paint is left clean and smooth. For more details on paint cleansing see here

TIP: Next time you’re visiting us, ask the store manager to demonstrate paint cleansing on a section of your bonnet or boot. It will show you what cleaned and polished paint should really feel like.


Your carpets and mats can be brought back to their former glory with a good steam clean. Using our special carpet shampoo and a range of brushes and tools, we massage the carpet and mats before we extract the dirt, stains, bacteria and odours. For more details on steam cleaning see here.


Our leather treatment begins with a cleaning process to remove dirt and grime that builds up over time and can cause you leather to discolour. Once clean, we moisturise your leather with our special conditioner which helps the leather maintain its soft natural character and protects it from drying out, cracking or staining. For more details on leather treatments see here.


Our pièce de résistance, the Cut & Polish, tops off the Full Detail with a wow. In the mechanical process that happens after the washing and cleansing of the paint, one of our highly trained and skilled operators will use an orbital buff and polish machine to apply a sequence of special coarse, medium and fine compounds to remove scratches and stains from your paintwork.

Once the paint is free of contaminants, we apply our special high quality wax by hand, then buff it to bring out the shine and protectthe finish of your car.