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We Come to You and Give Your Car a Pristine Clean.

For every new customer we offer a simple guarantee… “If you’re not totally satisfied, CLEANAZZ will reclean your vehicle to your satisfaction.”

The latest in Mobile Car Cleaning


One reason why we’ve such an excellent reputation as the #1 provider of mobile car washing is all down to our use of Eco-Friendly wash technology.

By not having to rely on a water or electricity supply, it means that we can deliver our service literally anywhere in New Zealand, from your staff carpark to almost any location where your cars happen to be.

Affordable and practical car washing for vehicles

Although we do use the latest car washing technology to carry out our car washing, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to cost more than traditional car washing services. In fact, you’ll find that both our car washing and car detailing services are very affordable, especially when you consider that we come direct to you, rather than expecting you to deliver your cars to us.

There’s no need for your staff to take time from their busy schedules to drive their cars to our premises and, as we come to you, we can be cleaning your cars while your staff are working. It’s an affordable and practical way to keep your cars clean, without having to release staff to clean your cars for you.

Plus, there’s no mess while we’re cleaning and no watery residue to clean up afterwards. We always clean most of our mess before we leave your premises.

Choose your level of service

As a leading supplier of mobile car cleaning for vehicles in New Zealand, we offer a whole range of cleaning and detailing services to meet your needs, from basic washing to full interior and exterior detailing where we clean everything from the carpets and upholstery to the light fittings and bumpers.

Whether you want to set up a regular booking to clean just the exteriors of your vehicles, you want to organise regular full interior and exterior detailing services for your Directors’ cars, or you’d like to organise one off cleans and valets, we can accommodate your needs.

Simply get in touch with the team here at CLEANAZZ and choose your level of service, and we’ll organise a no obligation quotation.

We try to keep our cost low while giving you the best of service for your cars to always look professional and well maintained.

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Our Cleaning Experts

When it comes to getting your car detailed, you don’t want to leave it up to the amateurs. Entrusting someone who doesn’t have the right training and expertise for such an important task can have regrettable consequences. At best, your car may not have the clean, sleek look you were hoping a new car detailing job would attain, but at worst the safety of you and your passengers may be at stake. An inexperienced “auto detailer” can accidentally scratch and damage your car or even detach necessary inner wirings.

A Trusted Service

When you hire our professional to detail your car you can relax knowing that an established business with a credible reputation is handling it.